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Observing Site Forecasts

Fremont Peak
[Clear Sky Clock]

Inversion Layer Height (FPOA @ 2600ft)
Ft Ord Winds
  Current Conditions

Cloud Forecast

Salinas Airport Detailed Forecast
 digital forecast
San Jose
 San Jose Aviation Forecast
fog forecast
Other Site Forecasts
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NextSat (vis/IR)
automatically switches to IR at night
Water Vapor
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IR Animation
NextSat Tutorial

Water Vapor Animation -8 km

SFO Cloud base
Jet Stream Forecast

Weather Underground Cloud Model

Click above for full Sacramento Cloud Model

NWS Fronts Map

Weather Underground Map


U of Washington Map of Fronts

U of Washington Graphic Loops Warning: These are multi-Megabyte files

SF State University Weather Server

Navy Satellite Images

Aviation Weather

 SJC Current Conditions

 SJC Terminal Forecast

Salinas Current Conditions

 Salinas Terminal Forecast

SFO Current Conditions

 SFO Terminal Forecast

Warning: Salinas does not report clouds over 12,000 ft.

Winds Aloft Forecast (use SFO)           Explanation

Other Aviation Weather

Bay Area Winds

All Satellite
Past Images
This link will allow you to look at old satellite images

Technical Information

Civilian Sources

The local office of the National Weather Service Monterey NWS
KNTV San Jose
KSBW Salinas

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