Sacramento NWS ETA Model

This data is from the work station Eta (WSEta) model, a local high resolution experimental model, running at approximately 6-km horizontal resolution. For more details on the WSEta run in Sacramento, click here. The model physics are the same as the operational Eta run at NCEP. For a description of the operational models, please see:

The WSEta model generates a number of different forecasts. For a complete list see here.

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All times are Zulu (UTC). Unfortunately there is no way to automatically get the model run time. Each of the frames is labeled with the prediction time.

Current UTC Time

Earliest Forecast

+03 hrs

6 hours 9 hours

+06 hours
+09 hours
12 hours 15 hours 18 hours
+12 hours
+15 hours
+18 hours
21 hours 24 hours 27 hours
+21 hours
+24 hours
+27 hours
30 33 hours 36 hours
+30 hours
+33 hours
+36 hours
39 hours 42 hours 45 hours
+39 hours
+42 Hours
+45 hours
48 hours
+48 Hours
Disclaimer This is an experimental and research model that is not supported operationally. It may not always be available, may have errors, or be changed without notice to support local research and model experimentation

Rob Hawley 3/6/08b