Aviation Weather Products

Current Airport Weather

These links will take you to the Aviation reports and forecasts(TAF) for California. These predict the surface winds and cloud cover for California. The forecast use a notation that is explained here. Caution - some of the smaller stations (such as Salinas) do not report clouds over 12,000 ft.


Arcata [observation] [TAF]  
Bakersfield [observation] [TAF]  
Beale AFB [observation]  
Bishop [observation] [TAF]  
Blue Canyon [observation]  
Concord [observation]  
Crescent City [observation] [TAF]  
Fresno [observation] [TAF]  
Hayward [observation]  
Klamath Falls, OR [observation] [TAF]  
Livermore [observation]  
Long Beach [observation] [TAF]  
Los Angeles [observation] [TAF]  
Medford, OR [observation] [TAF]  
Merced [observation] [TAF]  
Modesto [observation]  
Moffett Field [observation]  
Monterey [observation] [TAF]  
Mount Shasta [observation]  
Napa [observation]  
Oakland [observation] [TAF]  
Palo Alto [observation]  
Paso Robles [observation] [TAF]  
Porterville [observation]  
Red Bluff [observation] [TAF]  
Reid-Hillview San Jose [observation]  
Redding [observation] [TAF]  
Reno, NV [observation] [TAF]  
Sacramento Executive [observation] [TAF]  
Sacramento International [observation] [TAF]  
Salinas [observation] [TAF]  
San Diego [observation] [TAF]  
San Francisco [observation] [TAF]  
San Carlos [observation]  
San Jose [observation] [TAF]  
San Luis Obispo [observation] [TAF]  
Santa Barbara [observation] [TAF]  
Santa Maria [observation] [TAF]  
Santa Rosa [observation] [TAF]  
S. Lake Tahoe [observation] [TAF]  
Stockton [observation] [TAF]  
Travis AFB [observation]  
Truckee [observation]  
Ukiah [observation] [TAF]  
Vacaville [observation]  
Visalia [observation]  
Watsonville [observation]  
Yreka [observation]  


Winds Aloft

This link provides the current winds aloft. This link explains the winds aloft data

Rob Hawley 10/25/04